Our Vision, Mission and Values:


At Optisperm, we are dedicated to make nutritional supplements that help people improve their health and general wellness.


We believe it is our mission and duty to build a relationship of trust with both our customers and our employees.


 Our core values are Integrity, Quality and Excellence:

  • Integrity – we strive to run our business with integrity and honesty with all our customers and providers.
  • Quality – We promise to supply quality nutritional supplements with research based evidence and efficacy.
  • Excellence – we promise to set high standards and strive to continue and improve in every aspect of our field of practice.

Our story:

Optisperm was established in 2002 with the goal of creating scientifically based and natural nutritional supplements. Optisperm’s team includes physicians and pharmacists, all of whom share the vision of creating innovating state of the art products in the field of nutritional supplements, which will help our customers and of course make them feel better.

Since 2003, Optisperm has been developing products, like our sperm supplement OptiSperm, to the benefit of the public. Optisperm works according to a researched based business model – reviewing scientific professional literature and assembling products according to that data in order to create the best product possible.

Since 2008, Optisperm’s products are distributed by “Vitality”. The first product was Optisperm’s innovative Hair, Skin and Nails Formula, which was implemented in the pharmacies of two of Israel’s leading health organization – catering to the medical needs of three million people.

In 2011, Optisperm added SP Vital to its line of products – a nutritional supplement for improving sperm count.

Since 2013 “Meuhedet” one of Israel’s premiere health organizations is providing SP Vital via its pharmaceutical services, to men that have been diagnosed with infertility problems such as Azoospermia, oligospermia and other sperm defects.

In 2013 Optisperm held a research with the “Israeli fertility center” to learn the influence of SP VITAL on men who took the supplement for three months. The study was a great success and showed a substantial improvement in the number and quality of sperm in the tested participants.

In 2014 Optisperm was granted approval to import a groundbreaking nutritional supplement which suppresses appetite. 2014 was also the year in which Optisperm launched OPTISPERM, an additional internationally marketed nutritional supplement to increase sperm count.

Our team:

Optisperm’s team is led by physicians and pharmacologists including advisers in the field of health products. Our personnel is involved with choosing the products and their ingredients to insure the best possible solution to our customers’ needs.

At Optisperm the most important element is you – the costumer! Our vision is to give personal care and to insure that each costumer gets the best possible answer to his or her needs. In order to achieve this, Optisperm has created

  • A call center and costumer relations department to answer any question or need.
  • A consulting and lecture service in the field of nutritional supplements and healthy living.
  • A data team – consisting of doctors and physicians who collect and accumulate scientific data.

Our code of conduct:

We at Optisperm Vitamins and Health Products are dedicated to develop, distribute and market cutting edge natural supplements. By doing so, we strive to help our customers feel better and to better their lives.

To uphold our proud history, we have a responsibility to our business, our customers, and the communities we serve to maintain the highest standards of excellence, safety, and quality for our products.

This Code of Conduct— together with our Compliance Policies explains and reaffirms our commitment to fair and honest dealing, creating safe and high quality products, and maintaining reliable financial records and accounts.

Our manufacturing process

Our products are manufactured in the USA by Arnet Pharmaceutical. We provide you with only the highest quality products from the finest ingredients, with the most effective formulations produced under strict quality control standards. All formulas are manufactured under the guidelines of:

– United States Pharmacopoeia (U.S.P.)
– Current Good Manufacturing Practices (C.G.M.P.)
– Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.)
– Disintegration, potency and dissolution are guaranteed
– FDA Registered Facility and Labeler code for Customers


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