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Just want to thank you guys at Optisperm. Took your product for 4 months and me and my girl got pregnant!

JASON / GA USA 07/21/19

I couldn’t be happier, my sperm count improved from 7 Mil to 20 Mil after 3 months with Optisperm. Shipment by Amazon was discreet and fast.

MATTHEW / TX USA 04/19/19

I decided to try Optisperm as last resort before IVF treatment. I thought it is worth trying before spending 10,000$ on IVF. After 3 months my sperm got better so I decided to continue and after 4.5 Months my wife got pregnant. I know it won’t help everyone like me but I think it’s something worth trying.

JOSHUA / NY 04/01/19

Great Product, No bad side effects, my libido and sexual performances improved!

DOUGLAS / UK 03/14/09

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