Who Should Take Optisperm?

Did you know? Studies show that 50% of the difficulty that couples have getting pregnant is due to a problem in one of the following sperm parameters: The level of a man’s sperm count, motility and morphology (shape of the sperm). All these elements impact the ability to get pregnant, the time it takes, as well as creating possible defects.

Optisperm contains amino acids and vitamins necessary to make healthy sperm. Studies show that the components of Optisperm improve the principle parameters of the sperm And thus improve the chances of a quick and safe pregnancy.


  • Men who are diagnosed with a deficiency in one of the sperm parameters.
  • Couples who fail to become pregnant – even without going through any tests.
  • Couples who want to speed up the chances of pregnancy.
  • Couples who want to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.
  • Men before starting  Sperm enhancement treatment – improvement in male sperm parameters using  Optisperm  can boost the the sperm enhancement treatment results.

How to take Optisperm?

Sperm takes three months to develop in the testicles. Therefore, taking Optisperm for at least 3 months is recommended. It is also recommended to continue taking Optisperm until a successful pregnancy is achieved.

Optisperm is a natural product and has no side effects. It is designed to help you in realizing the dream of building a family by improving the count, motility and morphology of sperm parameters. Make a step towards a healthy pregnancy today.